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Jhankar Flavoured Dried Dates - Ten 50g Bottles
Jhankar Flavoured Dried Dates - Ten 50g Bottles

Jhankar Flavoured Dried Dates - Ten 50g Bottles

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This item contains ten 50g bottles of Jhankar.

Label of the Product/ 1 Bottle:

FSSAI License No. 1151700100100268 and 1151703000172

100% Vegetarian.
Manufactured by: Milan Supari Co. Pvt. Ltd. At Plot No. 109-D, Road No. 29, Sion (E), Mumbai-400 022. Registered Office: 157, Sheriff Devji Street, Mumbai-400003. 
Customer Care Cell: 02223422632.
Net Wt. 50g. 
Maximum retail price Rs.50 per bottle.
Inclusive of all taxes. 

Made in India.
Registered Trade Marks: 234352 and 2325681
Imitation of Trade Mark is a punishable offence.
Store in a clean, cool and dry place.
Beware of imitation and duplicate goods.
A Proprietary Food Product.  

Ingredients: dry dates, spices, sodium saccharin, contains added flavour (artificial & natural flavouring substances) (spice flavour).
This contains saccharin sodium. 
Not recommended for children.
Quantity of sugar added 0g.
Chewing of supari is injurious to health.

Nutritional Info per 100g of product
Energy: 381.4Kcal
Carbohydrate: 91.7g (of which sugar is 18.6g)
Fat: 0.9g
Protein: 1.6g
*Approximate Value. 

Contains artificial sweetener and for the calorie conscious. 
Best before 6 months from the date of packaging.