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About Milan Supari Products

Milan Supari
Supari is India’s favourite indigenous mouth-freshener. We eat plain supari, sugandhi supari, chikni supari and paan supari among many others. But supari or arecanut has been a part of all South-East Asian lifestyles for centuries. Often called betelnut because it is consumed with paan, supari has found its way from our diet into our culture and lifestyle.

Though supari is common all over the region, no nation loves supari as much as we Indians do. It’s no wonder then that supari is cultivated over thousands of acres of land in India. And, ages of experience in growing supari have made Indian supari one of the most valuable in the world.

At the Milan Supari Company, we’ve been making sugandhi supari and betel spice mixes for decades. We carefully select our ingredients and process them with finely developed flavours to give you a unique taste of age-old Indian traditions.

Our products contain ingredients like supari (areca nut/betelnut), spices, saunf (fennel), elaichi (cardamom), kharek (dry dates), sugar, natural edible food colour, and a variety of natural foods that are bountiful in nature and which have various digestive, mouth-cleansing and breath-freshening properties. These ingredients also have varied applications in traditional medicine like in Ayurveda, in Siddha and in Unani medicinal systems.

Most importantly, we would like our consumers to know that we do not use any tobacco or nicotine in our products in any way or form.

So whether you’re enjoying a break from work or spending time with family and friends, you can enjoy Milan Supari products anytime, anywhere!
The original Milan Sugandhi Supari sachet from 1962