The finest collection of Supari, Mouth Fresheners, Betel Spice Mixes and Snacks since 1962.

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If you are interested in distribution, wholesale, bulk purchases, exports or any other B2B interactions for Milan Supari Products you can contact us on 09821619524 & or click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the page.

Our product range includes Supari, Mouth Fresheners, Betel Spices, Sugandhi Saunf, Flavoured Dry Dates, Arecanut, Fennel Seeds and several other Indian speciality food products.

We cater to all price points starting from a ₹1 MRP to a ₹125 MRP depending upon your market requirement.

Our terms & margins are as per industry standards, and our products have been enjoyed by customers all over India and the world since 1962.

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