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Milan Supari

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Milan Supari has its own unique taste that freshens your breath and cleans your mouth. Milan is one of India's most loved food products. It is one of the first - if not the very first - flavoured supari product in India. Milan was launched in 1962 in Mumbai. The popularity of Milan Supari quickly spread all over the country, and it found a special place in our daily routine at work, with friends and family, or while travelling; and even became a favourite offering on occasions like marriage ceremonies. Milan Supari quickly spread internationally - almost wherever there are Indians.

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Milan is instantly recognizable in the simple but classic white & orange sachet, that has evolved over time but remains distinct. Milan Supari is now available in a variety of packaging options (sachets, pouches, bottles etc), and in a range of flavours (Elaichi, Kesari, Meethi & Special). You can buy Milan Supari Products across the country through our distributors and store-partners and also via our e-commerce website –

About Supari

Supari is India’s favourite indigenous mouth-freshener. We eat plain supari, sugandhi supari, chikni supari and paan supari among many others. But supari or arecanut has been a part of all South-East Asian lifestyles for centuries. Often called betelnut because it is consumed with paan, supari has found its way from our diet into our culture and lifestyle.

Though supari is common all over the region, no nation loves supari as much as we Indians do. It’s no wonder then that supari is cultivated over thousands of acres of land in India. And, ages of experience in growing supari have made Indian supari one of the most valuable in the world. At Milan Supari, we’ve been making sugandhi supari and betel spice mixes for decades. We carefully select our ingredients and process them with finely developed flavours to give you a unique taste of age-old Indian traditions.

Our products contain ingredients like supari (areca nut/betelnut), spices, saunf (fennel), elaichi (cardamom), sugar, natural edible food colour, and a variety of natural foods that are bountiful in nature and which have various digestive, mouth-cleansing and breath-freshening properties. These ingredients also have varied applications in traditional medicine like in Ayurveda, in Siddha and in Unani medicinal systems. Most importantly, we would like our consumers to know that we do not use any tobacco or nicotine in our products in any way or form.

So whether you’re enjoying a break from work or spending time with family and friends, you can enjoy Milan Supari products anytime, anywhere!


What is Supari?

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“The economic produce is the fruit called ‘betel nut’ and is used mainly for masticatory purposes. It is used in India in several socio-religious ceremonies. Its cultivation is concentrated in South Western and North Eastern regions of India. Arecanut industry forms the economic backbone of nearly ten million people in India and for many of them it is the sole means of livelihood.”

- Source: ARECANUT – Published by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (A Government of India Institution). In the Foreword Dr. G. Kalloo (Deputy Director General – Horticulture and Crop Science)

Supari is commonly called betel nut, though it is botanically classified as a seed. The Supari fruit grows on palm trees and requires rainfall and specific soil requirements. It is an important crop for farmers and agriculturists in India who alternate supari crops with other produce like pepper. Supari (arecanut) is grown all over India, and also across South East Asia. Of these - Indian Supari is of the finest quality and commands the highest premium in price. Supari has been a part of India's culture, diet and traditional medicinal systems (like the Ayurveda & Unani) for centuries. It is a part of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India and Unani Pharmacopoeia of India. Arecanut / Supari is also a part other other traditional medicinal systems like Siddha, Hamdard and Chinese Pharmacopoeias.


Arecanut / Supari is known to have several beneficial properties like:

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Astringent: contraction of body tissues, typically used to reduce bleeding from minor abraisions.

Aphrodisiac: a food, drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire.

Anthelmintic: used to destroy parasitic worms.

Carminative: medicine for relieving flatulence (excess gas)

Dentifrice: a paste or powder for cleaning teeth.

Sialogogue: a drug that promotes the secretion of saliva.

Stimulant: a substance that raises the physiological or nervous activity of the body.


Supari in Indian Languages

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Sans: Kramuka, Gonti, Assam: Tamel, Tamul, Beng: Supari, Eng: Areca nut, Betal nut, Guj: Sopari, Hindi: Supari, Chaalia, Kan: Adika, Kash: Supari, Spari, Mal: Adakku, Pakku, Mar: Supari, Pophal, Ori: Gua, Punj: Supari, Spari, Tam: Kamugu, Pakku, Pakhumaram, Tel: Paka Chekka, Vakka, Urdu: Fufal, Choalia (Source: The Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia)


Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Monocots Clade: Commelinids Order: Arecales Family: Arecaceae Subfamily: Arecoideae Tribe: Areceae Subtribe: Arecinae Genus: Areca L. (


Milan Supari - Product Safety

Milan Supari is made from a few simple ingredients like supari, sugar, natural food colour, saccharin & flavour. The main ingredient - Supari - is an agricultural produce that has found use in India since ancient times - it is a part of the Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacopoeias of India where it has found application. Milan Supari is manufactured under a valid FSSAI license and all ingredients are permitted by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). 

A few concerned consumers have called in / written to us asking about our products - specially with reference to Gutka, Mawa, Kharra and other prohibited goods. We are happy to state in writing that we do not manufacture any Gutka, Mawa or Kharra. We do not use any tobacco, nicotine, magnesium carbonate, mineral oils, heavy metals or any other prohibited or objectionable or harmful ingredients in our products. 

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Our products are manufactured under license from the governing food authorities (currently the FSSAI, previously the PFA Act) and are processed as per the standards prescribed in the law. We use common foods like arecanut (supari), fennel (saunf), dry dates (kharek), cardamom (elaichi) etc, with permitted ingredients like sugar, natural food colour, sweeteners and our proprietary flavours to create products that are enjoyed by all. 

Over the last several decades the food authorities have drawn our products (over 50 samples of Milan Supari Products collected from Mumbai, Pune, Simla, Ratnagiri, Jalgaon, Kopregaon, Yavatmal, Amravati, Vadodara, Ulhasnagar, Ahmednagar, Nasik, Bhavnagar, Solapur, Gondia, Sangli, Karad etc) for analysing from all over the country, and none were found to violate the laws - 100% of our products were found to conform to legal standards. 


Our Other Food Products

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Since 1962 we have been processing Indian speciality food products like Supari, Elaichi, Betel Spices etc under several brands like Milan, Amrita, Bhairvi, Inci Vinci, Jhankar, Radhika etc. Our most famous product is Milan Sugandhi Supari but we also manufacture several other products like Amrita Mouth Freshener, Jhankar Flavoured Dry Dates, Milan Meetha Pan Mix and Inci Vinci Sugandhi Saunf.

   Milan Meetha Pan Mix sachets,