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Milan Supari

The iconic Milan box
Milan Supari has its own unique taste that refreshes the mouth and stimulates the flow of saliva which contributes to cleansing of the mouth. Milan is instantly recognizable in the simple but classic white & orange sachet, that has evolved over time but remains distinct. Today Milan Supari is available in a variety of packs like single-serving sachets, multi-serving pouches, bottles & containers. Milan Supari is now also available in a new range of flavours. Today Milan Supari is not only available across the country through our distributors and store-partners but also via our e-commerce website -
Milan Supari sachet bottle ecommerce
Milan Supari is one of India's most loved food products. It is one of the first - if not the very first - flavoured supari product in India. It was launched in 1962 in Mumbai (then Bombay). The popularity of Milan Supari quickly spread all over the country; it found a special place in our daily routine at work, with friends and family, or while travelling; and even became a favourite offering on occasions like marriage ceremonies. Milan Supari followed Indians all over the world and is found in many international markets where there is a significant Indian population.
Milan Supari sachets ecommerce
Milan Supari is made from a few simply ingredients like supari, sugar, natural food colour, saccharin & flavour. The main ingredient - Supari - is an agricultural produce that has found use in India since ancient times - it is a part of the Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacopoeias of India where it has found application. Milan Supari is manufactured under a valid FSSAI license and all ingredients are permitted by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). 


milan supari original sachet 1962

The original Milan sachet from 1962